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J.League 12 Years
It's really strange to think that only 12 years have passed since the establishment of the JLeague. The way football news gives tough competition to baseball in current Japanese culture/news, you'd think we had been at it a little longer...tolf.jpgI was surfing around to find some info on the J League new season, and accidentally tripped upon this site:
JLeague 11 Years Memories.
There is video footage of JLeague awards presentations and also highlights of championship games from 1993-03. Definitely worth a look-see. I lived outside of Japan for most of this time, so it was really interesting to actually see video of these games.

For a video review of the highlights of the Entire 2004 Season, you should definitely visit the
J.League Video Archives.
The Righthand Column titled Video Archives is the place to look. In the column, the highlight videos are organized in chronological order backwards. Even if you can't read Japanese, you can see the dates attached and guess your way around it.

The site is pretty straightforward in the organization, so even if you don't read Japanese you can figure things out, I think. However, if you need help just leave a question in the Comments area.
Injury Time: Yoshi Breaks Finger
The evolutionary tale of Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi is an interesting footnote in the history of the current JapanNT members. It is a well-known fact that until recent years, he was a football-only health fiend. Every mistake took on the weight of the world, and every gram of weight he put on was kawaguchi.jpgsomething to be worked off by missing dinner and exercising instead. It was said that he used to have an aura of unapproachability by his teammates, and if you ever wanted to locate him the best place to look was near the scale. There is a legendary video tape that sometimes gets replayed during profile clips on Kawaguchi where you see him throwing the biggest fit after a game and has to be calmed and escorted to a room by staff. His anger and frustration are always toward himself, and I suppose he was trying to work himself up to a standard of perfection by a form of self-flagellation.[cont'd]
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