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Happy Birthday Yuji!!
I was browsing the J-League website, when I noticed that Yuji Nakazawa's birthday is today! He is now 27 years old. I thought I'd do a little bio on him to celebrate.

At this point, it's fairly impossible to think of an NT without Nakazawa. Last year, he proved to be a powerhouse defender, both cool and passionate, strong and good-hearted. With his eyecatching "bomber head", it is hard to lose him in the crowd, too.CONT'D
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Comment va dire "頑張れ"?
The internet is a magical place, where people can get information at the click of a mouse. We can exchange ideas about a football game with someone living on the other side of the world, and get perspective about a team or player from different types of football fans.

I have been growing more aware of the number of non-Japanese sites where you can find information on Japanese players or the NT or talk about them. [cont'd]
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