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NT Roster vs Honduras
Just a quick entry to let you know the roster for the upcoming game against Honduras. The most significant thing about this roster selection is that it is the beginning of the solidification process as we prepare for the World Cup. Not to say this is going to be the final group, but this game is where Zico will be testing out the chemistry between the various players. As you know, with injuries and other timing issues, many of these players haven't played much with each other in over a year.

Narazaki Nagoya Grampus
Doi FC Tokyo
Sogahata Kashima Antlers

Kaji FC Tokyo
Komano Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Tanaka Jubilo Iwata
Tsuboi Urawa Reds
Miyamoto Gamba Osaka
Nakazawa Yokohama F Marinos
Moniwa FC Tokyo
Santos Urawa Reds
Miura Vissel Kobe

Fukunishi Jubilo Iwata
Inamoto West Bromwich
NakataK Marseille
NakataH Bolton
Endo Gamba Osaka
Nakamura Celtic
Ogasawara Kashima Antlers

Oguro Gamba Osaka
Tamada Kashiwa Reysol
Takahara Hamburg SV
Yanagisawa Messina

GK Kawaguchi is injured, which is why Sogahata's name is up there.

Komano is the only one from the "newest" group of players who made it into this roster. Most probably because Japan has been in dire need of side players. Though Koji Nakata can also play left side (as well as left defender and defensive midfielder).

Missing from the list is Kashima Antlers offensive midfielder and sometimes forward, Motoyama. And Jubilo Iwata's defender Chano. Both have been rotting on the bench for the past year-plus, so in a way I think it was almost merciful. Though I'm not sure if this means they are cut for good, or whether they still have a chance to come back.

Forwards: If Yanagisawa and Takahara start as forwards for the Honduras game as is expected, it will be the first time in a year and a half that these two have partnered up together.

I'm curious as to whether Zico starts with a 4-4-2 formation, and if he does, who he will put in offensive midfield -- Nakamura and....Hide Nakata? or Ogasawara? I know Zico has said before he believe Hide Nakata is better in dmf position because he has strong passes and adds stability to the midfield. I tend to agree. We'll see.

I'll come back with more entries this weekend.

I'll report back after I go to the Verdy vs Gamba match tomorrow. Have a good Friday, everyone!

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