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Celtic 1-0 Hibernian w/video
shun9.18.05.jpg☆ADDED NEW: >>Right-Click and download for a Shunsuke Highlights clip Includes clip of another free kick, and Shunsuke's attempt at "roulette", which was not available in the two links below.

Shunsuke Nakamura started against Celtic's away game against Hibernian. Looking rather heavy in their new all-black away kits, see pic (once you get used to those green and white stripes, all-black is very strange!), the Celtic side seemed to be coming together with good passing and cohesion.

The game ended 1-0, a goal from Petrov -- he ran up and received a superbly timed through pass from Nakamura.

>>Right-click and download goal clip

>>Right-click and download second half Nakamura free kick attempt video clip

I didn't watch the game, but I hear Hibernian got their rhythm in the second half and put on quite an attack as well. Forced Nakamura to retreat and support the defense.... or was he losing steam? or hurt?

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