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Hi all, as you know my computer has been sputtering on me, and though I had it "fixed" last week, it seems to have not been enough, because it's crashed. Really poor timing, and very frustrating as my life revolves around the little bugger.


Anyway, this means that I will have to figure out what to do about purchasing a new one.

In the meantime, since I can't use my work computer for blog purposes, I will try and update from somewhere else. Right now I am using an internet cafe, very nice these places, though expensive -- and I end up drinking way too many capuccinos!

So what have we got on the blog menu for this final month of 2005...?

A wrap up of the J-league this year. What was good? What was bad? Concerns about next season? I will also try and update the gossip on player movement/transfers and contracts -- already a number of clubs have announced quite a few pink slips... a depressing way to enter the holiday season, but the reality of life as a pro footballer. I've had such a busy past month, but have been looking forward to writing this entry analyzing what we've learned from this season.

A look at the play offs between Kashiwa and J2's Kofu. After this weekend, people may tend to treat it as an afterthought, but it will be interesting to see whether Kashiwa can rally for these last two games. Their poor game against Kashima Antlers this weekend showed a clear difference in quality, and it was not an inspiring way for them to prepare for the play-offs.

Drum rolls please as we will be seeing the results of the FIFA World Cup group draws. (I think this is on December 9)

Here's some news, you may have heard already. The AFC announced their annual awards this week, and Japan was recognized in a few categories, the major one being Zico Japan getting the National Team of the Year (second consecutive year). >>Click to read article with complete list.

In Europe, we're seeing Inamoto's getting more starts, and making some impression of football there, I think getting the MOM in at least two games in recent weeks. Nakamura was out sick after the Rangers game, and the team lost, but this weekend a number of the major players were back on the pitch and they were able to get a win against Aberdeen -- Nakamura was MOM. Hide Nakata is having trouble winning the confidence of the manager et al at Bolton. Ono returned to Feyenoord's training for the first time since his most recent injury. He has claimed he is 100% okay now... Matsui's Le Mans has been on a bit of a losing streak -- I think they just lost their third game in a row. Matsui started in this last round game. Koji Nakata has started for the first time in three games last week in the UEFA game, but since I can't watch the games I'll just blindly pray he is doing ok. Hirayama is starting to make more consistent performances in the chances that he's being given, and it's good to see he is hanging in there. The three forwards, Takahara, Yanagisawa, and Okubo, are all struggling, with little playing time.

Oh, and we cannot forget that on top of worrying about the World Cup at the start of next year, we will also have to fight our way through Asia Cup Qualifiers. The draw will take place on January 4 2006, and Japan is in the first seed.

Speaking of Asia, we know what groups our two representative teams will play in for the Asian Champions League:

Group E
Korea FA Cup 2005 winners
Dalian Shide (CHN)
Da Nang (VIE)
Gamba Osaka

Group F
Arema Malang (INA)
K-League 2005 champions
Tokyo Verdy (JPN)
Tobacco Monopoly (THA)

And the date has been set for the Japan NT's game against the United States -- February 10 in San Francisco.
Gamba's game Highlight
J's Goal posted a highlights video for the Gamba game:

>>Click to launch stream
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