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Daisuke, Daisuki!
This may be a slightly obscure place to start my brand-spanking new blog, but:

Le Mans (French Ligue2 -- pronounced "deuhh" mind you) lost to Brest in Monday's game. This has brought me considerably down. Boo. Now LeMans is back in 4th place, and we all want to see them within the top 3 so that next season they can jump up to Ligue1. And finally I'll be able to see Daisuke Matsui's plays on TV here (if not the whole game, at least clips for the sports news). Right now, I make do with short clips available on the net courtesy of a (click)
France3 tv news site . Usually you can find some video of the game in the next day's edition of the news.

Not much info about Daisuke gets into the Japanese media. I admit that my desire to see him play has increased with my inability to watch his games...masochist and hypocrite that I am. I do use my atrocious high school French to decipher my way through the LeMans website, and it looks like the supporters there have pretty much accepted him into their starting lineup with arms open. Frankly they love him. He tends to dazzle with a bit of the fantasista, which grabs the French heart. Not to mention he a had several really sweet goals. His style matches the French ideal of football, and supporters are already worried about whether he will be willing to stick with LeMans when his contract runs out this summer.

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