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Can't Help But Chant "Vamos Nippon"
fan.jpgThe rocked-up version of VamosNippon supporters' song for the JapanNT. As simple as it is, it is a classic, and this version from (click)Reservoir Records had me head-bopping from the get-go. (look at the lower right corner of the rectangle, and there is "player" where you can press play or skip to next song. Song 2 is VamosNippon)

By the way, there is an interesting debate among the Nippon supporters regarding the song Genghiskhan (Song 1 of the above link to Reservoir Records) which has been chanted during the NT games recently. I'm not sure exactly how these songs get chosen in the first place, but I do have a problem with people who say "it's too silly for the seriousness of NT games, especially qualifiers". Let's admit it, all the songs are pretty silly. It's just how you associate with the song that affects how appropriate you think it is. I mean, the other oft-heard song is based on "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin... I used to play this ragtime dandy on the piano as a little girl, and now people are singing it to root on eleven sweaty men with well-developed calf muscles to national glory. Of course, if I hear it enough, I'll sing it. I'll admit it. Last week I couldn't get out of humming "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and nearly slit my wrists trying to get the horrible yodle-ing out of my brain.
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