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Urawa Wants Fujita
Urawa Reds announced that they were going to try and acquire Jubilo Iwata midfielder Toshiya Fujita. A verrrrry interesting development!

Jubilo coach Yamamoto has been juggling players up til now. With ACL games to think of, starting members were changed from week to week. But now with Jubilo eliminated in the group stage, they will be reverting back to a more predictable starting roster. Looking at Fujita's overall position within the team, it does not look like he will be getting starting position. I am a fan of his, and hate to see him not play, but Jubilo does need to tap into their younger members if they want a future in the J1. Urawa may just be counting on Fujita's current situation.

With the departure of Koji Yamase (to Marinos, shocking many supporters this year), Urawa are in need of a high quality midfielder with a playmaker's eye for the game. Fujita is perfect -- not only does he wear the #10 jersey at Jubilo, but he also has a playmaker position on the the NT (though he doesn't have starting status on the NT).

Fujita is one of those players known for great character and is an epitome of true professionalism in the J. Urawa could use someone like him on the team, and I think he would feel rejuvinated being among many young but highly skilled and motivated players. It would be great to see him directing the famous Reds attack in midfield, particularly his interactions with players like Hasebe, Nagai and Tanaka. He is a speedy player, and has a great quick-passing sense that I think the Reds team would appreciate. Fujita's best play is when he bursts up the center through the defense usually while doing some back-and-forth passing before taking a shot. He has great timing in that area and knows when to go for it. On the facier side, Fujita is also playful with light stepwork, no-look passes, through-the-leg passes, and heel shots.

For Reds, having Fujita on their team could also be another "in" to the national team. Though Reds have shown they have promising players, Zico has been reluctant to call many of them up for any period of time. Yamada was in up to the beginning of last year but got unceremoniously dropped after the camp-scandal (though I don't think the scandal was the only reason, as many of the other guys involved returned to the NT afterwards); Nagai had a few chances over a year ago but back then he showed to be too light and flimsy. Tanaka was on the Olympic team but got overshadowed by Okubo (who now plays in the Liga). Hasebe was a relatively late bloomer, and but now has Italian clubs looking seriously at him. All of these guys have improved in the past year, and it would be interesting to see how someone like Fujita would go about bringing out their best performance.

But Fujita's remaining life on the NT may also be numbered, and I think it would be a great motivation for his career if he could transfer to a high-profile club like Urawa in a starting position. He returned from his time at Dutch club FC Utrecht last year, and though he did nothing super over there I think it helped him rejuvinate in many ways. This year's Jubilo is just not the Jubilo that Fujita is used to; maybe he can find a better fit in a dynamic team like Reds. I wonder how he feels about the offer...
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