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Shunsuke Reggina Exclusive video interview
Shunsuke Nakamura has had a tough start to the year. He is a player who plans and visualizes plays in his head going into a match. So when he found out that he was not starting in the NT qualifier against North Korea a day before the game, he had to quickly readjust his thinking as a substitute. When he arrived at camp prior to the Iran qualifier, he learned that Zico had changed the formation to 4-4-2 and planned to throw Hide Nakata in. In the Bahrain game, he finally found some stability when the team switched back to the 3-back, and was able to contribute to the team's win; but it must have been difficult for him to flip around his thinking in these past couple months and deal with all the unexpected changes. At Reggina, the expectations on him are just as great. This year, an official Shunsuke Nakamura Fan Club was established by Italian fans. With 1900 minutes of play time under his belt this season, he is now a central figure in the team, and coach Mazzarri has placed great faith in him. But the team has been on a losing streak, and the next few weeks may determine whether Reggina will have to face the prospect of relegation. All eyes are on Shunsuke.

The Official Reggina website has posted a video interview with Nakamura. Luckily, they left in the questions and answers in Japanese so I was able to actually understand the interview:

Q: Was the unexpected cancellation of games due to the Pope's death a good chance for you to rest and get back your fitness?
A: Mmm. yeah, played a good game and was tired, and there's the jet lag, so I'd like to use this rest period and put my energies back into the next game.

Q: The two games with the JapanNT, Eurosport and other commentators have said you played well, but how do you assess your performance in those games?
A: (pause) Reggina had 3 consecutive losses, losing to Juventus in the last game, so it was difficult to put those disappointments out of my head going into the NT matches. And we lost away in the first game, but well we were able to come away with at least an acceptable result.

Q: So this rest period will be advantageous to the team going forward? (awkward question)
A: Well, since we had consecutive losses, the rest period may give us a chance to mentally put that behind us.

Q: What is the situation with regard to relegation?
A: After consecutive losses, first it will be very important to win against the next team, Parma. If we can win this next game, we can rediscover/regain our own style of play again, and that will help us move away from relegation worries sooner.

Q: (could not hear the question in Japanese, but I think he asked to have more specifics)
A: Home game with Parma, Atalanta, and one more -- personally, the aim is to get three wins.

Q: This season must have been your best season in the Calcio?
A: Well, I am able to play constantly.. And the coach, the players, there are a lot of intelligent people here, and that is very helpful for me personally.

Q: So, your goal now is to avoid relegation with Reggina, and make it to the World Cup with Japan?
A: Yes, like now this season will take a lot of energy, with fighting to avoid relegation, world cup qualfiers, and the amount of travel. So if I can successully get through all that it will make me a better player. But first for Reggina to avoid relegation, and then to qualify for the World Cup, is the goal.

Shunsuke didn't look all that enthusiastic during the interview, but then again he tends to be like this and spends time choosing his words carefully. (Please note the above is my basic and direct translation of what was asked/answered in Japanese, and I am no pro. So if you understand Italian and have a better phrasing for the questions, let me know!)
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