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Power of Blogs and the Voice of Small People
When was it that blogs became such a powerful media force? I remember maybe five years ago, there was an article in the New York Times about how blogs were becoming a new trend and how the exposure of regular folk on the net (along with the simplicity of "googling" people) sometimes came with unexpected and regrettable consequences. I was watching CNN today, and was surprised to see that now they had a segment tracking activity on high-profile blogs. In the segment, they also addressed a new concern among bloggers about the movement to try and control blogging content -- part of this comes from new problems that have risen due to blog activity. The U.S. government (White House) has just recently allowed their first Blog correspondent...

Anyway, this profusion of information should be a good thing in principle. Us "little people" get to voice and read opinions from all over. Information is liquid... no, almost gaseous, in its ability to permeate and spread. However, there are downsides to it too, like being fired for what you put on a blog...

The Boy Who Cried "I snuck into a football game for free" Wolf?
Last week in Japan, an FCTokyo supporter apparently sent out a "merumaga" (email newsletter) saying that he had snuck into the Tokyo/Kashiwa Nabisco game without paying for a ticket. The people who read it went to the FCTokyo club management with the info. It turned out that the guy had actually bought a ticket, and had only sent out the message "for fun". Weeeellllllll... let this be a lesson to all of us! A-hem. The supporter had to formally apologize to both clubs, and his yearly home-game pass/ticket was confiscated. All for, what, two seconds of "harmless fun"? The internet may seem like a gigantic crowd where you feel like you can lose yourself among the masses. But it is made up of individual people, and more importantly you are never completely anonymous. Since the internet has the power to reach so many people so quickly, it makes me realize even more how important it is to take responsibility for what you say on the net.

Luckily very few people read my blog...heh heh.

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