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Gripes o' the Day
I don't know if it's just the gloomy weather today, but I feel like doing a little griping. Bear with me, and let me know if I'm completely off or being too naive (which I think I am but still)...

The Carrot
What's up with Fiorentina's coach? First they say they want Hide Nakata to be called up to the NT so that he can get find motivation again. Now they are not letting him join the NT camp in Germany until the 21st, after their league game. Ick ick ick! Can we say "manipulation", class? Anyway, apparently they started Nakata in the Italy Cup game yesterday. I guess they wanted to see if the NT call-up would have any impact on improving his play... I don't have details of the game so I can't say how well he did individually. Still, ick. I wonder if they are planning on starting him in Sunday's league game...

Where's the Love?
So to follow up on the news about BahrainNT coach Srecko Juricic resigning... he's apparently signed a contract with the National Team for Oman. Oman, yes, the team that gave Japan such a scare last year. "It was business, nothing personal", seems to be the party line... and I suppose the doubled salary would be more than enough incentive to dump one promising team for another. But hey, Oman is out of the running... and Bahrain still has a World Cup chance. I guess Juricic didn't have much hope that Bahrain could make it in the top two of the group. Otherwise, giving up a chance (no matter what the logical odds) to be at the World Cup seems a little unthinkable to me. Or is it really just about the money? His position will be filled by German Wolfgang Sidka temporarily (he will juggle his duties with his Qatar league club). Sidka was the coach for Bahrain during the WC02 qualifiers, and is considered the guy who laid the foundations for Bahrain's recent growth spurt.

Awkward Triangle
I don't envy the strange position that Junichi Inamoto is finding himself in right now. His on-loan period with Cardiff is almost up, but it seems that West Brom doesn't really care to have him. The coach said that he didn't see Inamoto as "ready" yet to even be considered on the team. Sooooo...... Awkward silence. The irony of course being that West Brom is sinking in the league and will probably end up in second division next year. Still, Inamoto seems to want to return to West Bromwich -- not because he has any sentimental attachment; it's just that he feels transferring completely to Cardiff now will close off options for him (hint hint, meaning he's looking to move again?). Wouldn't blame him. Is it just me, or does Ina have a hard time finding a place that fits him in the Premiership?

I guess the business of football is a harsh reality.
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