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Creepy Florent but the News is Good
In Friday night's Sporto (daily sports news show on FujiTV) , we were given a little fun news about Daisuke Matsui. I hadn't meant to write about him again after such a short time (I've been meaning to touch base on many other players), but news on Matsui is so few and far between that I thought it worth it to record it here.

Florent (Troussier's translator during his time with the JapanNT) hosts this segment called World Standard, which is a collection of the week's sports news from around the world -- the kind of stuff we don't get to read/hear/see in the usual media here. Anyway, Matsui was showcased in a French magazine called France Football. The article seemed very positive about Matsui's contribution to the team; but more than that, the style with which Matsui plays has captured the hearts of the French football fan (or at least LeMans'). The article called him "an artist". Aww.

Well, I'm happy that he is getting good PR. If LeMans fails to make it to LigueUn, any good PR will help get him other offers. I don't doubt that if LeMans does make it to LigueUn, the team will do whatever they can to convince him to stay.

I remember when Matsui was debating whether to take the leap and go to LeMans. It was during the Olympics when the news came, and Matsui had the good luck of having Shinji Ono on the U23 team as an overage player. Ono's advice to Matsui was that he thought Matsui would fit in well in the French league, that the style there would be appreciated and complemented by Matsui's style. I guess he was right!

The experience and knowledge of the players who have been playing in Europe is a tremendous asset to Japanese football in general. Their influence on younger players is great. Despite the disappointing result at last year's Olympics, I think it was significant to have Ono's presence there. Ono, in return, had the new experience of being a leader-figure; that experience for him hopefully will be something he refers to unconsciously when he returns to the NT.
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