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Goal~ Goal~ and So Close!
shinji.jpgDespite being Monday (boo, hiss), we got some happy news from Europe. Shinji Ono sort-of overhead kicked Feyenoord's third goal in their game against RBC Roosendaal. An operation to his left ankle at the end of last year had me worried about the length of time it would take him to recover. Injuries to his "glass foot" have plagued him throughout his career (the most memorable being the one that occured just prior to the Olympics in 2000). So far, he has been off the starting member list this year, but I know his coach thinks a great deal of him so hopefully he'll be able to climb his way back within this month.

Shunsuke Nakamura's free kicks play a huge role in the survival of Reggina in the first division. Sometimes I think we take his talent and his efforts to improve his free kicks for granted. The Reggina fans had been rather ungrateful to him over the last couple months, claiming that he does nothing for the team, that he tries to get away with his lack of efforts by using his free kicks as a shield. In yesterday's game against Kievo, his free kicks, corner kicks, and passes proved to be Reggina's only scoring opportunities. His free kick in the 41st minute turned out to be Reggina's only goal as they won 1-0.

Daisuke Matsui. Well, it had been like pulling teeth trying to get news about Matsui last year after he went to LeMans. Murphy's Law being what it is, it seems like this blog is turning out to be nothing but Matsui news... In Friday's game against Sedan, LeMans won 3-0. Matsui's overhead shot (watch video) hit the post, but was quickly recovered by Lucau who able to finish with a goal. It's great to see Matsui in front, not just concentrating on passing but aggressively going after the goal. LeMans is back in 3rd place.
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