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Have J-Refs learned nothing?!
I meant to touch on this earlier, but had forgotten about it until today.

Uzbekistan and Bahrain are competing for the remaining 0.5 slot in the WC qualifiers. This week, in the first leg, Uzbekistan won 1-0, but all the talk was on the very very strange referee decision to make null a penalty awarded to Uzbekistan after some Uzbek players entered inside the box before the kicker had kicked.

This itself is not a big deal, as this happens. But then, the referee took away the PK altogether instead of letting the kicker retake the PK.

The referee was a Japanese ref.

Because of this one mess-up, the two countries will have to REDO the match. FIFA made the annoucement today. ...CONTINUES
I don't know what the heck is going on with the J refs this year. Not only in the J-league (where refs are continuing to make the most game-altering calls) but also in these international arenas.

Most recently, the events during the Korea vs China match during the EAFF Cup... >>Click to read my previous entry on this.

I did say that I hoped that EAFF incident's international exposure would mobilize the J to do something about the ref situation; but now, now it is beyond slightly embarassing to downright shameful. And in such a terribly crucial game, too. Imagine how furious we would be if Japan had to redo a crucial WC qualifier match because of one ref decision!

I'm not sure how this referee did with regard to the entire flow of the game, the cards, etc., so I cannot evaluate his entire performance.

What does puzzle and annoy me also is that though the tv sports shows have touched on this Uzbek/Bahrain match results, they did not make any mention of the puzzling ref decision. I wonder if they'll mention it NOW, now that FIFA have officially decreed it as worthy of a game do-over.

In the J League, the biggest problems have to do with the referees abilities to read the flow of the game. Though the ideal is for refs to allow the game to proceed in the best way possible, not for refs to get in the way of the game and ultimately make it about themselves, the rounds have been dotted with controversial decisions. The problem is that this talent is not something you can pick up by memorizing any book. In most cases, the refs can back up their single decisions with a quote from the rulebook (taken to either extremes you can argue for the decision), but his feel for the game, the choice between carding or warning, the choice between allowing a play to continue and stopping the game, that comes from something much more intangible. The referees have also been having problems with the new off-sides rule -- where linespeople don't blow the whistle until the off-side player is directly involved in the play. But the seeming "delay" of the whistle has given the impression to spectators of indecision or uncertainty among the linespersons, so the J-league have adopted a new guideline. It's all very confusing.
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