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Looking to buy Japanese football kits/jersey/uniforms?
Japan Football Shopping

I have gotten many requests for help this year in looking for and purchasing jerseys and other goods from people who live outside Japan.

There are very few (if any) proper shops in Japan who accept purchases from outside Japan, which makes it very hard for many of you in foreign lands. The stuff on auction I have already heard from a number of you turn out to be questionable/fakes upon delivery.

If you are interested in buying a jersey / kit (J league club or National team) or other goods, please contact me. Payments will be accepted through, but I will give you the details of that when you contact me.

I won't take any orders that are huge unless we talk it over first. (I do this in my spare time, and issues of large payments and large orders frankly are a bit much for me to deal with) In order to make up for the cost it takes me to go to the shops and to cover the paypal transaction fee, I will need to tack on at least Yen 2000 to each order (this fee increases the more you order because of the paypal fee which is based on a %; and also if I have to go to more than one shop to buy the things you want).

I am not aiming to make a profit, so your orders must also be of a personal nature... in other words, no large orders for resale. I'm flexible though, so we can talk about it and see what we are comfortable with.

The total cost to you will be:
Price of the item + 5% sales tax
International delivery cost (Express mail with tracking or regular air mail)
Yen 2,000 or more to cover Paypal transaction fee and my transportation; if your order includes many items that require different sources, I will need to increase this to included added expenses incurred by me.

I will always buy from an official store or supplier. Only jerseys, small accessory items like key chains/towels, and manageable things like books/magazines/dvds etc. In other words, things that fit inside a reasonably-sized box. The items will be sent to you with the official store bag and receipts/invoice.

email: Rie.FJLIT(at)gmail(dot)com
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j.league jersey
i`m looking for j.league jersey....the clubs are albirex niigata...mito hollyhock ibaraki...fc honda..and oita trinita
2006/06/16(金) 11:05:37 | URL | Eric amsler #-[ Edit]
2005/11/28(月) 08:30:50 | | #[ Edit]
first of all, welcome back(・∀・)ノ

second of all, who can bet against Cerezo now??
well i hope(pray) KASHIMA the complete victory, but the choice isn't in their hands(feets) now.

the league indeed, has been bubbling for so long,

who(4) will explode.
who(1) will survive.
what a finale(!!)

~just a quick question
normally, which month do J.LEAGUE club teams unveal their new kits??
it can give me an idea, the home/away kit to get first^ー^ thnx~

鹿島Antlers 56pts(3rd)がんGOばれ!GO!
2005/11/27(日) 09:57:28 | URL | vic #/f9LbKeM[ Edit]
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