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Comic Day* Shunsuke too
shunsuke_comic.jpgThe Scottish Sun's December 17th issue wrote a blurb about Comic Shunsuke, a little 4-square comic strip that is presented in the Pocket Shunsuke services available as a cellphone feature for fans in Japan. Registered members can access via their phones, and get a more personal Shunsuke experience... The comic character is also joined by a band of "superheroes" called Spo-Rangers (the Spo is a shortened expression of "sports"). The comic character is kinda cute, ain't he?

Anyway, the cellphone service (which I don't subscribe to) also includes frequent voice messages from the Celtic midfielder, with topics ranging from Celtic and JapanNT game content to more private comments about things going on in his personal life (though to be honest, Shunsuke is such a private person, I don't think he says anything that is exceptionally revealing). If you live in Japan, you can access and register via Nakamura's website >>Click to go to website.

Nakamura's message following last weekend's Inverness game:

"This game against Inverness was particularly significant in our bid to widen the points between Celtic and the second place Hearts (who lost to Rangers in the same round).

Just after the starting whistle blew, we gave up a rather unlucky goal, but with Hartson's goal we were able to even the score by halftime.

The second half was a difficult game for Celtic; we couldn't get the needed goal. Inverness's strategy was to defend well first and aim for a counter. We were well defended against, and we could not find a way in, lacking in offensive options. It felt like were just passing the ball around. We fell into the trap of the opponent's strategy. Inverness played an ideal game for a team in their position (being lower in the ranks).

The result was a draw, but the content was Inverness's win.

I don't think we have to change the definition of our style/play, but we do need to improve the quality of each individual play.

The next round is our last of the year, and the one after an important encounter with Hearts awaits. I want us to get the victories along with good content."

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