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A Little Present for myself...
sakamaga.jpgI usually drop by the bookstores one or two times a week to browse the magazines. I have a day off tomorrow, and will probably stroll over to the shop and purchase this issue of Weekly Soccer Magazine (Shukan Sakkah Magajin). The main contents include an interview with Yuki Abe and Teruyuki Konno together (they chat at each other as well as answer the interviewer's questions), and features on Hisato Sato, Robert Cullen, Makoto Hasebe, an interview with now ex-Kashima manager Toninho Cerezo, an article on Ivica Osim through the eyes of his coaching staff, and more.

I will share any juicy bits if I find anything interesting.

This issue also announces the magazine's Annual Crystal Award goes to Shunsuke Nakamura, and takes a look at his performance this year.

Speaking of Nakamura, he has posted a message following the Livingston game (where he got the last minute goal) >>click to read previous entry.

Rough Translation of Nakamura message on his website:
"It was a really cold day, and I made sure to focus on my warm up prior to the game. However because of power failure, the game was delayed almost an hour and I had to re-warm-up again. I think this delay slightly threw our rhythm off. Not just for the players, but it seemed also among the supporters too. The atmosphere was a little different than normal.

Regarding the game, we were able to go ahead with a PK, but were not able to pull the momentum our way. And when we entered the second half, the team as a whole was not moving, and we allowed the opponent the equalizer. That goal allowance was the fault/responsibility of every member of our team. We allowed ourselves to lose focus for too much of the second half.

The remaining time was running out, and the team started to rush things a little, but Telfer was different. Under these circumstances, a player would be tempted to haul in long balls, but Telfer sent me a pass with the exact timing I wanted it. I got around one defender and took the shot. When the ball went into the goal, I was really happy. It was physically and psychologically a tough match.

Next round is away at Hearts, who are in second place. Hearts have not lost a game at home yet. It will be a difficult game, but I will make the effort to move and play in such a way to be able to contribute to the team's victory."

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