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Koji Heads One In
2006_02_26_fcb_yverdon_0052.jpgKoji Nakata started for the second game at his new club Swiss league's superclub FC Basel this Sunday against Yverdon.

The system used was 4-4-2, and Koji was a left midfielder, and throughout much of the game played almost like a wing. At the 7th minute, he took the first shot of the game. He continued to play ambitiously, maintaining a high position, which led to his goal at 45 minutes -- a header off a cross from the left.

>>This Swiss news site has video highlights. At the top of the page, there is a chart/list of the fixtures under the heading "Videos", find the icon on the right that corresponds to the Basel vs Yverdon game. Koji is #6.

For more pics, check out FC Basel's >>photo gallery.

Since Koji did not score during his time at Marseille, this is his first "overseas goal". And his first goal since the goal he scored against China during the 2004 Asia Cup Finals. Congrats, Koji!

He was taken off at halftime, and got a warm round of applause from the supporters.

As for how he is getting along at the club, Koji said on >>his website that he is really liking it there. The team has a very tight family atmosphere and people have been kind. Though the official language is Swiss German, many players also speak French and/or English. Because Basel pretty much outpowers all the other clubs in the league, the real juice may be in the UEFA games -- Basel are in the same group as Red Star (where Takayuki Suzuki plays), but I think Koji is not registered to play in UEFA yet.
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Congratz to Nakata Koji!!!....after all the difficulties in Marselle...hope he does well at Bazel since their coach seems to like Nakata aswell^^
2006/02/28(火) 15:20:18 | URL | Nak #-[ Edit]
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