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Tooting the Horn
This past month has been such a hectic one dominated more by negative news, that it was a refreshing surprise to be notified of something cheering --

japanzine.jpgJapanzine, an English language magazine published in Japan (a fun and comprehensive resource for foreigners living in Japan), has included this blog in its "Annual Best of the Web" article in this month's issue.

If you're curious to see the listing, you can find a >>web version of the article here, and the blurb about this blog can be found under the SPORTS header on >>this page. It was nice of them to include this blog.

Well, back to work!....
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2006/03/03(金) 23:15:15 | | #[ Edit]
2006/03/03(金) 21:25:46 | | #[ Edit]
2006/03/03(金) 15:25:05 | | #[ Edit]
OMEDETOU~!! think(・∀・)

2006/03/03(金) 09:33:00 | URL | vic #/f9LbKeM[ Edit]
(ウキッ>d( ・し・ )bに載っていたので、見にきてみました。私は温泉が大好きです。なので温泉猿にしてみました。ウキッ!
2006/03/03(金) 00:50:20 | URL | 温泉猿 #-[ Edit]
woo hoo!
Japanzine says: "Football (Japan) Lost in Translation
This site covers all things related to Japanese football with the blogging-skill equivalent of a Brazilian free kick. The J-League isn’t quite at the level of the Barclay’s English Premier League or the Italian "Serie A," and Japan’s chances of winning the World Cup this year are slim in the eyes of even the most optimistic fan. Nevertheless, "the beautiful game" has come a long way here in the past decade. Football (Japan) Lost in Translation brings it all into focus and scores. IC"

that rocks!
2006/03/02(木) 22:24:45 | URL | francefan #-[ Edit]
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