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Peek at ACL
I got off my schedule and forgot to report on the previous ACL group game results from March 8:

Gamba Osaka 2-3 Chonbuk Motors

Tokyo Verdy 2-0 Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i


Gamba played again yesterday:

Gamba Osaka 15-0 Da Nang (Vietnam)

There was a clear difference in attitude towards the game between the two teams. While Gamba came onto the pitch with the sole intention of 3 full points and as many goals as possible (given the goal differential rules that may come into play at the end of the group rounds), Da Nang were not taking it too seriously -- they went on a tour of Osaka palace the day before and even on the day of the game spent the day shopping.

But still, with the obvious differences in individual as well as team skill, Da Nang did not make it as easy. It was more like a half-court game with all eleven Da Nang players blocking up the area in front of their goal and all Gamba players (less the goalie) in Da Nang's area.

Well, it started with a PK awarded Gamba at 7 minutes converted by Endo, going into halftime with a 6-0 score. The other 9 goals scored in the second half. Of the 14 players that made an appearance, 8 scored.

>>Click here to watch the full Gamba Osaka 2-3 Chonbuk Motors game stream
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i guess this is why no-one takes the ACL seriously..
also, it probably costs more for the teams travelling costs than covered by the prize fund..

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