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I'm still working on the J1 Round 6 summary piece, so in the meantime here are a few bits and pieces of news...

Zico Hospitalized

Zico was admitted to hospital for a one night stay this Sunday after complaining of pain in his stomach. It turned out to be acute gastroenteritis (I think that's the term..), and it turned out to be a mild case that went away after a night of rest. No one knows what caused it, but it seems to be a combination of a busy schedule and a weekend party he attended where he said he may have eaten something that disagreed with him.

Today, Zico is scheduled to attend a press conference for Kirin Cup to officially announce the Kirin Cup games that are now officially scheduled for May -- the two friendlies against Bulgaria and Scotland. Though the JFA chairman told him he doesn't need to attend and should rest, Zico insisted he is perfectly fine now and is planning on showing up.

J Ref Picked for World Cup

It was good to hear that Toru Kamikawa, Japan's first professional referee (in Japan we call these pro refs "special referees"), was picked for the second World Cup in a row to blow the whistle in Germany this June. He refereed during the Korea/Japan games four years ago, and is the fourth Japanese to be picked for the job in our history, and is one of two Asian refs for this year's event.

JFA Gives Up on Translator

The ongoing issue of whether Fifa should/would allow a translator into the technical zone during the World Cup has ended for Japan. The JFA is backing off, and it looks like we will be seeing (hearing) Zico yelling in multiple languages this summer. Zico of course speaks Portuguese, but has also spoken in Italian with Hide, and according to his translator Suzuki can speak Japanese at a conversational level. Of course, we have Santos who can speak both Portuguese and Japanese fluently, so there are many ways to (mis)communicate...
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