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News from Europe
Celtic Season on Coast

Celtic 1-1 Hibernian

It was a rather frustrating afternoon for Celtic in front of home crowds this Sunday. The official League championship celebrations were scheduled for right after the game so a convincing victory was the order of the day, but though the green and white striped jerseys were skating around the pitch with some wonderful passwork and more than enough chances, all they could come up with was the one equalizer. Shunsuke Nakamura created several chances with free kicks and through passes, but the usually finish-strong Celtic lacked that minute difference in front of goal. >>Right-click download game highlights

Celtic 1-3 Coventry (Friendly)

Manager Strachan was pretty disgusted with his bunch after this friendly game that took place last week. He started the same bunch of regulars that played in the win against Kilmarnock last weekend, but after the first half it became obvious that focus, motivation, whatever it was, wasn't there. The only shining point of the game was an early goal by Shunsuke Nakamura -- an awesome long shot. For highlights of the game, >>click here to launch stream.

How 'Bout Two in One?

Now that the season is essentially over in Scotland, the media of course are interested in what Shunsuke will do next. I mentioned last week that the club has made comments about wanting him to stay, but of course there have been offers from Spain. In the midst of all that speculation, Nakamura mentioned that it would be nice to have another Japanese on the team, and Shinji Ono's name came up. Ono's agent has confirmed that Celtic have contacted Ono about it, but nothing concrete yet. Ono at Celtic? Hmm. I was slightly worried but excited about Nakamura embarking into Scottish waters last year, but way. I just don't see it. He doesn't have the speed, the physical or the dribbling, and seeing what I saw of Celtic this season, I really don't think Ono would be much of an asset there except in his forward feeds. >>Click to read Evening Times article. Of course, things can change and who knows what things will be like by the summer... There is also mention in the article above that Celtic are also considering Takashi Fukunishi.

Takayuki's Goal

A very short clip of Takayuki Suzuki's two goals in last week's Cup game: >>Right-click to download

Suzuki watched from the bench in this weekend's game against Habitfarm Javor. Red Star won 2-1 after being 0-1 behind.

Dai's Back

After having to sit out the past couple weeks due to an injury to his left ankle, Daisuke Matsui was back in the starting team against Monaco this weekend. The game ended 0-0.

From what I saw of this game, he did not look bad -- made sure to insert at least one trick play, and even had a couple really good opportunities for a goal; one a jumping header at the left post, and another when he got past the defense line on the left to chest trap and shoot. But both balls lacked speed and went at the 'keeper for an easy catch.
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