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Okay, I know some of you mentioned disappointment at not seeing Daisuke Matsui on the World Cup squad list in your comments.

All I can say is: me too.

But grumbling about it won't do any good, so here are some snazzy video compilations of our Dai that were found on youtube. If some of you can't understand why I look at him like I'm watching a chocolate cake, well, maybe this will give you an idea.

>>clip If you don't have time to watch all three, then this one is the best content and quality-wise.


>>clip This is of his first year in France, when Le Mans were in the 2nd division.

I miss him already.
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2006/05/21(日) 06:37:42 | | #[ Edit]
Nori, Suika
Hi Nori,
Thank you for the link and the advice. Sickemrex, hopefully this will work for you to download the video.

Great post! Yes, it was Zico's choice to keep Tamada because he said he expected that at some point he would have to put 3 people in the front line (when we really needed to score a goal), and having one more forward widened the choices -- especially with Tamada's speed.

For the defense, which looks very thin, Zixo said that in an emergency he would consider using Fukunishi or Koji Nakata as defenders, which is why he felt he could afford to drop Moniwa.

But still I'm sure extremely disappointing for Moniwa, Matsui and of course the others.

Suika, thanks for the photo! :)

あ、そっか。時間の問題もありましたね。最近の日本だったら禁煙のスポーツバーでもあってもおかしくないはずですよね。家が一番、かな? 私も一試合は大勢で観たいけれど。
2006/05/20(土) 22:16:27 | URL | depflight #-[ Edit]
Zico’s last decision
made between matsui (MF), moniwa (DF), and tamada (FW).At last, he chose tamada, he said to the press. I don’t know why. But it has been said that Australia and Croatia may not like the player like tamada, and other FWs are not speedy or have good dribble skill like he does, and he uses left foot.Moreover, zico doesn’t like to change players’ positions, so if he had chosen matsui as MF, he will never use him as FW during the game.
I thought matui was going to be chosen like most of the people, and okubo, abe commented that they were shocked by matsui’s drop.

depflight-san, I don’t know where to post it, but this is my favorite photo. Most of the people never saw JEF’s coach Mr.Osim smiling so happily.

2006/05/20(土) 21:16:16 | URL | suika #-[ Edit]
2006/05/19(金) 19:57:18 | | #[ Edit]
2006/05/19(金) 13:36:31 | | #[ Edit]
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