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Changing Plans
Hi All, thanks for keeping the comments section active in the previous posts! Any links and news info you want to share please go ahead and write in... I always have a great time reading what you all have to say.

Unfortunately, I am still working and will not be able to do the Germany game match report until Monday.

Sunday night will be the Malta game. So Monday (which I have off after a weekend of working..grrrr) I will do a joint report on both games.

I also have to finish populating the table of our 23 men, and before out first WC game I will be posting an entry on Zico Japan's style/philosophy.

My aim is to have all this done before the first game against Australia -- after that it's going to all be about ENJOYING watching the World Cup!!

Sorry for the delay, guys. I will try and catch up ASAP.
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