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Bonn Camp Update
6.02.06_rain.jpgNot too much info coming in from the Bonn Camp the past couple days. The team seems to be going through the practices in pretty good shape.

There was one piece of news I forgot to mention previously. Nakamura had gone to the hospital along with Kaji after the Germany game. Apparently during the game one of the German players had stomped on his toe(s), and after the game his toes were quite swollen. Since Nakamura was back at practice the next day, I guess it wasn't too bad.

The weather has been quite unstable in Bonn, with low temperatures and scattered showers and even some snowfall! The players are visibly shivering during their post-practice sessions, and what worries me is if the weather suddenly gets very hot once the WC starts -- the team won't be used to the heat.

The practices have been mostly minigames of 6-vs-6 in groups of sixes, shooting practices, set piece/crosses strategy on both defense and offense.

Teruyuki Moniwa safely landed in Germany on the 1st and joined the practice the next day (photo below left).

Teruyuki Moniwa arrives at his first WC squad practice Oguro shoots while teammates look on

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