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Tonight's the Night
theforwards.jpg...all we can do now is pray and send our Samurai spirit from around the world!

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been able to post new entries after the two friendlies last week. I have been running on very little sleep, and was not able to do the games justice with the little time.

However, all that's in the past is now in the past. The team has had time to practice, they know what their strengths and weaknesses are, and they are intelligent, creative and flexible enough to create their own Destiny.

I hope all of you will be able to watch the game live -- I love the World Cup, it is such a glorious event. Because of work, I have barely been able to watch any of the other games (I've only seen part of two games but my brother is taping some of the games for me, so at least I can watch them later). But I insisted on scheduling my work so that I left the office earlier today! Yay.

Good content, good finishes, inspiring football, and of course a Win. I look especially to the forwards (four of them pictured above) to do their job and get the goals when the chances come.

Wherever you are in the world, I know we are going to have a good time tonight.
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