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Editing is an Art!
One of my favorite people on Youtube is Sonareditor -- a super editor who creates wonderfully inspiring videos related to some of Japanese football's biggest moments in the past year or so. He clips bits and pieces of video and melds it brilliantly with a J-pop song.

While I get myself organized and gather my wits, please take a break from your hectic day with these videos:

This one is an overview of the 2011 Asia Cup held in Qatar. All the goofs and glory.

This is from the Charity football game held on March 29 immediately after the earthquake/tsunami/radiation tragedy of last March 11. The Japan national team played the "J-league Team As One" (no slouch of a team, a roster populated with such names as Tulio, Shunsuke Nakamura, Kengo Nakamura, Ono, Ogasawara, Nakazawa, Haavenar, Komano, Okubo, legendary Kazu Miura, et al, headed by Stojkovic). It was in a way the most important game in our football history though it will never be recorded in the official books. Footage of the game are intercut with scenes of the players from J league teams actively collecting donations in their respective cities. Here is a digest of the actual charity event and game, in case you hadn't caught it.

This one celebrated the excitement stirred by our two sidebacks, Yuto Nagatomo (Inter Milan) and Atsuto Uchida (Schalke 06), who were going head-to-head in the Champions League. It's funky.


Since this blog was on hiatus during the 2010 World Cup, here's one of my favorite videos capturing the excitement of Japan's 2010 group stage adventures. (Not related to Sonareditor.)

Are Japanese supporters hooligans....? :) Nah. Here is Video proof. This was taken in Roppongi district of Tokyo in the early morning hours following Japan's 3-1 win over Denmark in the group stage of World Cup 2010. Everyone was watching in bars or on their phones out in the street, so when we won and qualified for the knockout stage, well... we were shocked and ecstatic. But we obey traffic lights!

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