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Are You Really Going to Wear That?

National team Home Kit
National team Away Kit
Sooooo.....Here are the New Home and Away kits for the Japan National Team.

I'm still not quite convinced that these two were great design choices graphically speaking -- though you can tell the creators bent over backwards to execute the difficult task of minimalist design to represent some great meaning.

Gut-reactions from supporters have not been on the positive side -- overall effect of the line is weak, opponents can read player weight distribution if you put a line down the middle, why is the blue getting so dark, people have to squint and cross their eyes to see the washed out bird shadow, and so on.

This, of course, has not stopped the home kits from selling out, however. A new kit is a new kit afterall. And despite the mixed response, the intention of bringing Japan together in Unity following the earthquake and tsunami disaster has been one undeniably significant facet of football in Japan during the 10 months since.

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