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So Long, Toulon. (U-23)
Japan bid farewell to Toulon, after a very bumpy and strange week.

Toulon Higashi loss
It was a prime chance for coach Sekizuka to really see some of the Europe-based players (those, of course, who were not already tapped for Zaccheroni's WCQ squad) and to assess the squad as a whole.

One thing is clear -- this team definitely cannot win without the Europe-based players. Takagi, G.Sakai and Usami in particular showed a clear superiority in vision and confidence. Ibusuki, and Otsu also provide their respective strengths, though they are not as fully formed. Whether Sekizuka can or will call up Miyaichi, Kagawa, H.Sakai, and Kiyotake, to form a truly last-minute untested squad for London, I can't say. Something needs to be done about defense as well. Probably best way to use Over Age slots is with defenders.

For those who missed the Toulon group round games, here are some great links to proper highlights from the three games -- vs. Turkey, Netherlands, and Egypt.

0-2 vs. Turkey
3-2 vs. Netherlands (no, it's not a typo)
2-3 vs. Egypt: Usami goal 1, Usami goal 2
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