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The Official version behind the Antlers-Reds Fight?
So, there seems to be an official story of what happened in yesterday's game. Apparently it started with Kashima player Motoyama going down and not getting up. Urawa defense kicked the ball out. Suzuki kicked the ball out to return posession to Urawa, but in the area close to the Urawa goal line. When Urawa went to throw the ball back in to start the game, Suzuki aggressively went after the ball. Urawa got angry at Suzuki for his "unsportsmanlike" treatment of Urawa's courtesy (of kicking the ball out when Motoyama went down), and from there the argument ballooned out. At the end, Suzuki was walking away when Aplay told him to "shut up" and grabbed Suzuki's jaw area. After Alpay got the red card, he went after Suzuki again, putting his hand around Suzuki's throat -- later video also showed a dark red bruise/blood? on Suzuki's throat.

Apparently Reds coach Buchwald had warned the players to watch out for this type of incident, especially from Suzuki, who is "good" at getting a rise from the Reds players. Alpay is famous for expressing his frustrations like this, and has been unwelcome in the Premier league for the brawl with David Beckham. He is also unwelcome on the Turkish NT. It is too bad that one of the Reds players did not smartly stand beside Alpay to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. As for Suzuki, well, he didn't do anything against the "rules", but will also have to be self-conscious about his temper...though I don't see him as easily riled when he plays on the NT or other Kashima games. I guess playing against Reds does that to him, and his "special" relationship with Alpay may never be resolved.

After the game, Suzuki and Alex Santos (who got a big share of the yelling from Suzuki) were both rather matter-of-fact about it with very little comment.

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